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Joe Krutsinger, CTA has dedicated over 39 years of full time research regarding how the trading markets work!  He has consulted with world class traders and major trading institutions as well as authored four books on the topic of mechanical trading strategies.

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His work extends to all major trading markets including the index futures, the forex, commodities, and equities. You now have the opportunity to receive both Joe's trading systems in OPEN CODE as well as Joe Krutsinger as your system trading Coach, Mentor and Consultant for one full year.

He offers individual systems as well as a package of systems. Any combination will always include Joe Krutsinger, CTA,  to support you for the next full year from the date of purchase!

On the Systems Page, you are invited to view a description of his current trading systems as well as the current research simulation reports.

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What is System Trading?

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New Focus in 2014 on "RAZOR with RIBBONS"

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New System Briefing (RAZOR with Ribbons)


New White Paper using the TS Optimizer. See the testing procedure on a New System! *

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An Overview of All Systems under the "Euro Plan"


Intro to SystemTrading by Joe Krutsinger, CTA


Briefing on Trading Computers

Interview on the "specs" for an excellect machine for traders.
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