Understanding Automated Trading Strategies

Published on May 14, 2013
Part One: Automated Strategy Basics

Presented by Joe Krutsinger

Understanding Automated Trading Strategies is a three-part webinar series that gives you the information needed to understand, evaluate and trade an automated trading strategy. With TradeStation, you can build your own trading strategies, customize them using EasyLanguage, or acquire a pre-built trading strategy from our network of third party strategy developers on Strategy Network.

In this first session, Joe Krutsinger discusses strategy time frames, market outlooks, strategy order types and basic strategy construction. Joe will demonstrate a simple strategy application in TradeStation, along with performance measures and format settings.

Joe Krutsinger is an experienced strategy trader and EasyLanguage developer who has been developing trading strategies for over 20 years.

In this session, you will learn:

How to find a strategy that is right for you
Strategy construction basics
The three parts to every strategy
Simple strategies with open code and how to add your own ideas
Homework: It’s easier to edit a book that has already been written than write one from scratch!
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