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Joe Krutsinger is CEO of Fully Automated Trading, Inc. and began his futures and options career over forty years ago with Conti Commodity. Joe has worked in almost every facet of the trading industry and continues to be a prolific developer of trading strategies. He has been a trading strategy design consultant since 1989 and consults with traders on how to develop strategy using state of the art strategy automation software.

Joe was recognized as the Outstanding Senior in Food Systems, Economics, and Management from Michigan State University in 1973. A featured speaker and teacher at seminars and meetings worldwide, he co-authored THE COMMODITY COOKBOOK: RECIPES TRADING, LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS. (This was the 1990 book of the year, the 1990 Super trader’s almanac-Calendar Edition). Joe has also been featured in the Future’s Learning Center three video course, TRADING SYSTEMS 101,102, and 103.

Joe Krutsinger’s books include: THE TRADINGSYSTEMS TOOLKIT (was the Fortune Book Club Selection) and his book, TRADING SYSTEMS-SECRETS, OF THE MASTERS, published by McGraw-Hill in 1977, has been highly rated. His newest book, TRADING SYSTEM SECRETS, SELECTING A WINNING SYSTEM, is in paperback.

Joe has consulted with world class traders including: Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein, and Bruce Babcock. Joe owns Block No. 1 for TradeStation (the first TradeStation ever delivered) and was one of the first beta testers of that professional trading software platform. He has given over 200 lectures. His systems have been featured in several journals including TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF STOCKS AND COMMODITIES and FUTURES Magazine. Joe was featured on the cover of Trader Magazine, July 2008.

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Joe’s work extends to all major trading markets including the index futures, the forex, commodities, and equities. You now have the opportunity to receive both Joe's trading strategies in OPEN CODE as well as Joe Krutsinger as your strategy trading Coach, Mentor and Consultant for one full year.

Joe offers individual strategies as well as a package of strategies. Any combination will always include Joe Krutsinger, to support you for the next full year from the date of purchase!

On the Strategy Page, you are invited to view a description of his current trading strategies as well as the current research simulation reports.

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What is Joe Krutsinger’s Passion?

"To place in the hands of the smaller investor/trader the tools to give them a competitive edge against the big guys” was how Joe recently expressed his personal agenda and special mission! (Quote from an interview by Trade Station He is a super technician who can quickly equip the smaller trader. Joe knows how the institutional traders think and operate. In fact, he has over 70 trading strategy consulting contracts in force with companies and individuals worldwide!

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