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How to Buy the Strategies and Get Joe Krutsinger at the Same Time!

First, you can review all the strategies on the Strategies Page of this website. You can purchase them individually or everything as a package.

In the One-on-One plan Joe Krutsinger is willing to get on a plane and fly to your trading office and spend ONE FULL DAY with just you and himself. He will bring ALL the systems, install them on your computer, and set you up with a Trading Plan of Action. Then he will give follow up support for the next full year.

The European Plan includes all strategies with a year of support, except everything is delivered by email and the phone.

The most popular trading strategy has been RAZOR. You may wish to start with this system. However, SHAPES is rapidly becoming Joe's favorite strategy as you will want to see his REAL TIME Reports posted on his Blog in video format.

Note: All strategies come in OPEN CODE and include Joe Krutsinger as your system trading Mentor, Coach, and Consultant to help you maximize their performance for the following year from the date of purchase.

The next steps are simple:

  1. Call Us at 913-334-2202
  2. We will then email you a PDF Form to complete the transaction. OR... You may also request this form by emailing us at stating which system you are interested in.








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